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Our expertise

Because we thrive on change, we see the next decade as an opportunity to reimagine new uses for your spaces

research & strategy

spaces with purpose

Environments with holistic experiences have become products, and like all products,

they require continuous innovation to maintain their relevance.


As landlords, developers or consumers of real estate at scale, you face ongoing uncertainty. The next ten years are likely to deliver continuing disruptions that will require innovations in the way we work, learn, shop, live and engage in community. As a result, your real estate holdings will need to be flexible enough to deliver solutions without compromise.

Our collaborative of experienced design professionals will guide and work with you to improve, reposition or reinvent your assets.


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Everything we do is informed by our Human-Centered Design process.

First we get to know you, your brand and your existing assets. We conduct secondary research to understand your competition. Our goal is to help you understand who you are, how you fit into the landscape, and help you articulate where you want to go.

We deliver an actionable strategy and a set of defining principles that serve as the framework to guide your decision making and bring your space to life.

We start
with a



We develop

Developing new products can be challenging, especially when habits around spatial utilization are firmly entrenched. We conduct primary research with your users to determine unmet needs, then turn those needs into product solutions that can be prototyped and validated.   

We are expert at developing alternative future scenarios that allow you to evaluate your strategic direction against what may potentially occur. We don't claim to have a crystal ball but do offer a way to positively inform your decision making using our foresight tools. 



We define

We help you determine your North Star — the ethos and pillars that express your purpose. These are the foundations that allow us to visually shape and verbally articulate your intention consistently across all expressions of your assets. 



We shape
your visual 

To make a memorable impact and lasting impression, the right tools are needed to solidify and support the expression of your brand. 

We provide a brand book, inclusive of logo, graphic and style guide, and work with your team to ensure they understand and can direct others to use these tools.


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We design

Our expertise spans education, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and workplace environments.  Once we have worked with you to determine customer needs, created a strategy and refined your brand, we create an overarching narrative to inform the design of your space, its aesthetics, and the experiences within.

We stay with you throughout the process and provide guidance on partnerships and construction methods best suited to realize your vision. 

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